Super Moon – June 2013

Super Moon Infographic

Super Moon Infographic – Pieces made from Anthony Ayiomamitis

Be sure to look out for the Moon these next few months as it approaches Perigee, because the full moons during these times will appear exceptionally large.

The Moon will be at its Perigee, or closest approach, in June 23 (11:32 UTC) and it will reach full moon only a few minutes after it passes this point in its orbit. For most time zones, the best time to see it will be between the afternoon of the 22nd and before sunrise on the 23rd.

These ‘super moons’ not only appear larger because they are physically closer but, combined with a full moon, the mind can play tricks on you to think they are much larger. This phenomena is called the Moon Illusion. Try to catch these full moons as they rise/set because the illusion works when there is an object in the foreground, like a tree, building or mountains.

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And to clear some things up.
The top image of the infographic is exaggerated and the moon won’t be a menacing object in the sky on the 23rd. Also, it is not going to come out of nowhere on that day and dominate the sky and create destructive tides, though the tides will be affected but it’s nothing to worry about. The moon will appear large as it approaches full moon and even next months full moon will still appear large, however it will be a few percents smaller.


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